SuperService – unique service package

We offer an unique HVAC-field service entity that includes business practices to increase productivity. SuperService also unites all WCOM-Group’s products and service expertise to a superior entity.

This is how you can increase your work efficiency

Our SuperService services are with you when you want to develop your business. Select the SuperService services that align the best with your business and increase your work’s efficiency by for example cutting down the costs of logistics. SuperService services provide additional capacity for improving construction sites’ labour efficiency and tracking, also making for example following product sales and budget spending in real time possible.

“The best part of SuperService is the saved time that can also be seen on paper. I give the service 10/10!”

CEO Indrek Mutso, U-H Talotekniikka Oy

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User-friendliness saves time

  • Order products easily wherever and whenever; you only need a smartphone and the HVAC wholesale store is always with you
  • We deliver you orders quickly and exactly when you want to receive them
  • You can shop in our stores around the clock every day of the year

Increased efficiency saves you money

  • Unnecessary visits to stores is cut down significantly
  • You don’t run out of products
  • Up to a third more time for the installer
  • Wastage decreases when you order only what you need
  • Logistics costs can be decreased by 40 %

All the information are saved and up to date

  • The orders are easy to track
  • You can see who has done the order
  • Follow different construction sites or projects deliveries
  • Product certificates are saved in the construction site’s file thus being easy to add to transfer files
  • Products are kept unbroken and in order

Our SuperServices:

Wa’Shop, advanced online store

The most progressive e-commerce in the HVAC field.

Order products with a few clicks on your smartphone or laptop.

24/7 cash & carry outlets

Purchase and collect the products when it is suitable for you.

The work in the constructions site does not stop because of the missing products.

Snacks and beverages in the fridge so you can keep the energy up!

Wa’Cont, 24/7 outlet on your own site

Is as easy to use as 24/7 store.

Automatic filling when needed.

A broad product range, 300-400 products.

logistic truck for quick deliveries

Super quick delivery straight to your construction site with our truck specially designed for HVAC transportation.

You also get free coffee and donuts with the delivery!

Wa’Exact, punctual delivery just when you need it

You can choose the delivery time by an hour.

Delivery even for the same day!

Choosing the delivery time is done by clicking only a few buttons.

Wa’Box, personalised HVAC fitters toolbox

Personalized and custom made toolbox for installers.

Sizes: Mini, medi or big.

Tells you when it is time to refill.

Wa’Store, 24/7 outlet in your premises

24/7-wholesale store in customers own place.

Customisable to customers different kinds of needs, like design and product range.

Wa’Bag, first recyclable bag in HVAC industry

The first totally recyclable packaging in the wholesale industry.

Reduces the need of single use plastic or cardboard.

Wa-Plan Oy

Wa-Plan complements WCOM-Group’s service provision by providing HVACA and electrical planning and quantity surveying.

WCOM-Group – together we are more!

Metec Oy

WCOM-Group is formed from Wa-Plan, LVI-WaBeK and Metec that provides versatile solutions for measuring water consumption and apartment conditions.