References - LVI WaBeK

References and customers experiences

We have had the honor and privilege to participate in a number of major projects. Below are a few examples of the construction and renovation projects completed with products supplied by LVI-WaBeK Oy. In addition you can also find our customers experiences with direct quotes!

Some references

  • Parliament building, Vesper-tunnel project/ Helsinki
  • Hok-Elanto, Shopping center Kaari / Helsinki
  • Turku City Theater / Turku
  • Hotelli Presidentti, Finlands biggest hotel renovation / Helsinki
  • Shopping center Iso Omena, expansion of the shopping center/ Espoo
  • KYS hospital / Kuopio
  • Jorvi central Hospital / Espoo
  • Olkiluoto nuclear power station / Olkiluoto
  • TYKS Hospital / Turku
  • Shopping center REDI / Helsinki
  • Blominmäki Sewage Farm / Espoo
  • Kainuu Hospital, Kajaani
  • Ympyrätalo, Helsinki
  • Valo Hotel & Work / Helsinki
  • As Oy Helsingin Newton, Edison and Vanha Talvitie / Helsinki, Kalasatama

Customer Experiences

“The best part about SuperService is saving time and it can also be seen on paper. I give SuperService 10/10!”

CEO Indrek Mutso, U-H Talotekniikka Oy

”We have a diverse selection of SuperService services at use. This way we can save time, minimize logistic costs and increase labour productivity. Super!”

CEO Esko Mansala, Suomen Teholämpö Oy

”With construction site’s warehouse solutions you can make a huge different on what is actually done. You should also take a look at the benefits that you can get with Wa’Contin.”

CEO Esko Mansala, Suomen Teholämpö Oy

”Wa’Center’s 24/7-service has saved us from many difficult situations. It’s not once or twice that we have needed products late at nigh or at weekends.”

CEO Indrek Mutso, U-H Talotekniikka Oy