Only the best is good enough for our customers

When we choose our partners, we carefully take into consideration our own values and goals. We appreciate very long lasting partnerships, so that we can systematically develop our co-operation in long term. The professional pride and experience through the years will guarantee the best end results. There can’t be any weak links in the chain.

Take a look at our product groups!

Would you like to have more information about our products? We have put further details to our online store Wa’Shop. There you can find for example certificates, approvals and product brochures. In addition our professional sales personnel around Finland will help you with everything you wish to know!

A high-quality selection of premium water pipes and heat pipes from the market leaders

As our mission is to be the best HVAC wholesaler in the field, we offer you the best quality in pipes and connectors – and that only – in compliance with the application in question. You are probably familiar with such product names as Wieland and Wavin, for example. Being a professional in the field, you know the importance of quality, in terms of the job flow and the final result alike.

Our selection includes copper pipes, composite pipes, zinc-plated steel pipes, PEX pipes and PE water pipes. Naturally, we can also supply you with the compatible press-fit, capillary and composite connectors, as well as any other required connector types. A few examples:

The Wieland Sanco copper pipe is compatible with all building pipework systems, including cold and hot potable water systems, gas systems, oil heating, solar heat installations and sprinkler systems.

The chrome-plated Onepipe copper pipe from Wieland is supremely applicable for surface-mounted installations in washrooms, renovation projects and other pipework installations.

The Wieland Cupromed copper pipe is an excellent choice for the conveyance of technical gases, coolants and medical gases, and for vacuum installations.

The Wavin Tigris K1 composite pipework system is a reliable long-life alternative for potable water and heating solutions. In addition, the pipework installation is easy and quick.

The PEX-C pipes offer benefits such as the ease of installation due to the pipes’ flexibility, light weight and resistance to wear and tear, for example. The pipes remain free from erosion and corrosion, even at the highest flow rates. The pipes are hygienic and approved for potable water.

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Now offering a great variety of high-quality products

We are offering an extensive selection of reliable high-quality products for water treatment and installation work. Here are a few examples, but please have a look at our web sales offer!

  • The genuine original Kuterlite connectors and Kuterlite press-fit connectors are the uncontested number one in the industry and are at their best in copper pipe and PEX pipe installations. They are manufactured by Pegler Yorkshire, one of the world’s leading companies in the field.
  • In terms of pressure vessels and other HVAC products, Flamco is the name for quality for HVAC professionals in more than 70 countries. And, naturally, for the HVAC WaBeK people as well!
  • The low efficiency rate of heating equipment is frequently due to the wrong setpoint values in heating and cooling systems. The NC Flow line control valve is an excellent choice for quick and accurate control without special expertise.
  • Honeywell products, components and systems are currently used in more than 100 million homes and five million buildings world-wide, to control temperature, economic energy consumption and safety. WaBeK provides a complete selection of Honeywell products, such as radiator valves, line control valves, pressure relief valves and filters, among others.
  • In our flat-type expansion vessels, the bleed screw and the pipe joint are installed in the same end of the product, which means that the vessel can be easily installed in a small space.
  • Naturally, we can also supply you with pressure tanks and pressure equipment combinations, various plastic pipe connectors, hose connectors, claw couplings and other installation accessories.
  • The high-quality Finnish Jäspi products from our comprehensive selection.
  • Circulation water pumps produced by HEL-WITA. The products are of the German-Swiss design quality.
  • The Apator water gauges are easy to read and easy to install, with an outstanding measurement accuracy and properties based on 93 years of experience. The EU directive that will enter into force in 2017 requires the adoption of user-specific gauges in the long term. The Apator selection includes the world’s most accurate Ultrasonic water gauge, among others.

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The insulation material quality ensures operational safety and functionality

The insulation material quality ensures operational safety and functionality

Our HVAC wholesale insulation material selection includes high-quality Kaimann cell rubber sheets and tubes as well as Rockwool insulation ducts, air conditioning mats and pipe section mats. Naturally, we can also supply you with insulation accessories and PVC coating materials.

Professionals know the importance of high-quality insulation – to minimise the energy loss and to ensure operational safety and functionality. The quality of insulation is also seen in the building’s operating costs.

Kaimann GmbH has been the trailblazer in cell rubbers for several decades. The company’s quality assurance extends from raw material control to final inspections. All of the company’s operations and activities are DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certified.

The extremely flexible solid cell rubber mats and tubes are manufactured from CE-approved synthetic rubber cell foam. The mats and tubes are self-extinguishing, non-fire conductive and non-combustible drop generating. The production is free from CFC, HFCKW, formaldehyde and cadmium. The mats have a thermal range of -200/+90˚C, and tubes -50/+110˚C.

The world’s largest rockwool producer, Rockwool, has introduced the Universal insulation ducts to the market. Thanks to their patented manufacturing technology, the ducts are flexible enough to be easily wrapped around curved pipes without cutting. Used for condensation control and sound insulation of heat pipes and potable water pipes. Fire class A2, fibre melt point over 1000°C.

Please click on our web sales to become acquainted with the Insuplast ventilation duct insulation materials, among others. The materials have also been authorised to use the Allergen-free Label of the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation.

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A wealth of quality and service for infrastructure construction projects in all areas!

LVI-WaBeK is a company providing a complete service to earth-moving contractors – we can supply what you are looking for. Our extensive selection for infrastructure projects is available to all areas through our partners. The best end result is always achieved by listening to the customer and providing a good professional service!

Our infrastructure services cover the survey of requirements at various building sites with calculation assistance. You can just send us the building layout diagrams and we will provide your building site with everything that a conventional HVAC wholesaler can offer. Please also become acquainted with the movable WaStore storage included in our SuperService concept, the use of which is free of charge to our customers. Sewer components are delivered smoothly and complementary orders placed easily by this service.

Our number one supplier, Wavin, offers a versatile selection of separator applications for office space, housing and special installations. Wavin develops its products in cooperation with designers and contractors.

Should you require pumping stations, sewer pipes, grate plates, geo textiles or moisture barriers, we are the right supplier!

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A high quality water metering system in one package!

Clean water is very valuable and that is why water consumption and pricing is going to be even more important topic in the future. Also EU-directive requires a shift to user-specific metrics in the long run.

At the same time the standards for metering systems are rising: the reliability of measurement and the ease of tracking are extremely important.  A high quality system provides automatically reliable measuring information for tracking, reporting and  billing.

Remotely readable water metering system with all the services

We provide for you a high quality METEC- water metering system including all the services as a ready-to-use package. It includes apartment-specific water meters for hot and cold water with M-Bus connection and a central unit for each condominium.

You can choose either wireless or traditional meters. Both are easy to install and extremely reliable and are based on the standard M-Bus protocol and the latest meter technology. The meters are MID-approved and contain magnetic shielding (according to PN-EN 14154)

The solution makes the managing agent’s job easier

Since the remote reading capability is a standard in METEC’s system the managing agent can download the consumption readings via remote reading service easily from anywhere, anytime. The service also stores meter data securely. Reading and consumption data can be transferred directly to the billing program via the service integration interface.

Apartment-specific displays and other measurement data

It is possible to add apartment-specific displays to METEC’s system from which residents can see the measurement data. Since it includes also apartments’ temperature and humidity measurements it is also possible to keep remotely track of this data.

In addition other measurements connected to the apartment or housing association connected to the M-Bus can be included in to the system and remote reading service, such as apartment-specific cooling energy measurements and the main water measurement of the property.  All measurement data of the system connected to the service can be easily read and downloaded via the Internet.

For more information, please be in contact with our sales personnel or with our Metec team.

We have the proper quality for tools, even if we say it ourselves!

Professionals require and deserve a worthy set of tools. Durable and functional high-quality tools make work easy and quick with the minimum time being spent on the job. Even here, you will find that the HVAC field’s best products come from us – have a look at the examples.

The Lidac keyhole saw blades bite on a variety of materials without a hitch, with excellent cutting properties and high resistance to wear and tear. The back section of the blade is made from spring steel and the blade from cobalt-alloyed HSS steel.

The Bahco brand’s parent company, SNA Europe, invests in product development, which is displayed by more than 400 patents which the company has received world-wide. When the hand tool’s quality, functionality and ergonomics are correct, work becomes easy, quick and safe.

The Novopress ACO is an efficient press-fit tool with a long-life battery. The tool’s light ergonomic design facilitates work even in the most difficult places. With the jaw attached, the unit’s point of gravity aligns with the handle making the tool safe and comfortable to use. The pressing process is automatic from start to end, but may be interrupted manually. This means that you can work safely, even in problematic situations.

A self-evident item in our product selection is Rothenberger, among others – the number one name for pipe work tools, for example, well-known for its high quality and product development.

We can also supply you with the battery operated high-quality Hitachi drills, percussion drills, circular saws, keyhole saws, hammer drills and demolition hammer drills, etc.

There is still much to introduce: the excellent and powerful Ropump Super Plus sewer block pump, refrigeration machines, etc. However, glancing at out web sales pages you will quickly receive a comprehensive picture of what we can offer!

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LVI-WaBeK provides a really wide selection of high quality pressure gauges and pressure transmitters.

The material of the meters’ cases is made from stainless steel and the meters in stock are equipped with a damping fluid (glycerin).

Here in Finland we represent an Italian company, Nuova Fima, which has about 100 years of experience in the metering equipment industry. Nuova Fima,founded in Invorio, is international leader in the field.

You can also get custom made meters from us for your specific needs.

You can take a look at the Industrial product selection we have at our web shop.

The oldest supplier for metering equipment in Italy, Nuova Fima, is founded in 1948 and the company started by supplying products to the defense forces, industry and civil engineering.  Nuova Fima’s product range includes pressure gauges, pressure transmitters and thermometers.

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High-quality fixture accessories – the famous icing on the cake!

You get a perfect final result by finishing your stylish and functional bathroom with high-quality fixture accessories, ensuring that it will remain unaltered for a long time.

You find the premium-level Ballofix products in our check valve selection. Ballofix is a member of the BROEN product family, an innovative market leader in the product group. Check valves are available and provided with plug-in, press-in, press-fit or threaded ends.

A uniform and extensive budget-class selection of products in a competitive price range. Our STF-approved valves are of a technically outstanding standard, aesthetically appealing, and tested for drinking water.

Our stench trap selection includes the leading Nordic brands, such as Purus, Unidrain, Prevex, etc.

Modern towels are often very thick and luxurious but also dry slowly. A dry, nice and warm, fresh towel is a pleasure to use. A drying rail adds comfort, brings additional warmth and quickly dries moisture from towels and outdoor clothes for subsequent use.

The Finnish-made high-quality Rej Design drying rails are applicable for installation in new buildings and renovation projects – in bathrooms, dressing rooms, utility rooms, halls and hobby rooms. A high-quality dryer of an ageless design is both practical and a stylish element for your interior decoration.

We also offer you high-quality dryers manufactured by the Sentakia Oy, provided with the required installation set, for bathrooms and the hall space. The company produces dryers that are based on water circulation or electrical operation.

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Durable and functional products for real estate sewer systems

Rain and storm water management and functionally efficient real estate sewer systems are very important in terms of the environment, health and the residents’ satisfaction – and their role will increase in the future.

In the challenging conditions of Finland, it is a good idea to invest in quality, even in this respect. LVI-WaBeK Oy offers you high-quality real estate sewer pipes and joints, noise-attenuated sewers, underground sewers, cast iron sewer pipes and joints, SV double sewers and covered drains.

Installing a Wavin-Labkon Wafix HT/PP real estate sewer system requires less space, compared to the conventional sewer systems. The unique seal guarantees a tightness of 100% for the seams. The Wafix PP pipes are durable, impact resistant and highly resistant to strong and aggressive liquids. This makes them suitable for the conveyance of waste waters, even in hospital and industrial installations. The system’s noise attenuation is unbeatable – Wafix is even more silent than many noise-attenuated sewers.

Wavin SiTech+ is a mineral-reinforced PP sewer system that reduces noise through the use of heavy joint components. The system is applicable for both small renovations and large-scale building projects. The use of grooved joints provides a good bond surface and facilitates installation even in difficult places. The markings are placed at 15° and 45° intervals thus facilitating alignment in the rotation direction. The joints’ in-feed end is provided with a special groove to indicate that the joint in question has been installed correctly into the coupling.

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Now is the time to become acquainted with our peak quality brackets – it will be profitable!

The use of high-quality brackets for pipes is rather like a good marriage: it withstands everything, endures and keeps things in the right order and in the correct direction. Having said this with a little grin, we know that professionals are well aware of the many requirements involved in the issue.

We at LVI-WaBeK are familiar with and know personally the high-quality suppliers of these products. You can see our entire selection on our web sales pages. What we are introducing you to next is only one of the many exceptionally good sub-selections: The StarQuick® products.

The StarQuick® pipe brackets guarantee the reliable attachment of pipes and will save you a considerable amount of time. The work is easy and quick to do as the bracket is closed by pressing the pipe against the bracket’s inside. The brackets are applicable for all pipe types with a diameter of 10–65mm, including the potable water and heated water solutions and or electromechanical installations.

The StarQuick® products are manufactured from modified polyamide 6. This technical plastic has an excellent resistance to various temperatures and to a variety of chemicals, oils and oil products. This means that it is a perfect material for all applications, including corrosive environments, disintegrating substances, the chemical industry, swimming pools, etc.

Solutions are also available for the parallel attachment of two pipes or more. In addition, several StarQuick® brackets may be interconnected.

The system is complemented by an extensive selection of accessories. For example, the StarQuick® fitting for threaded rods is simply an ideal attachment solution.

LVI-WaBeK Oy also operates as an independent importer of conventional HVAC brackets. In our selection you will find pipe brackets, sewer pipe brackets, air duct clamps, rail systems and a large number of various types of nuts, bolts, concrete screws, wedge anchors, etc. All of our products covered by a harmonised product standard are provided with the CE-marking.

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Only good quality to bathrooms and kitchens

We rely on the quality in our sanitary fixtures. We offer you a wide range of pools, toilet seats, shower cubicles and taps, which are top not only in their functionality, but also in top class design.

Gustavsberg combines in their innovative bathroom solutions quality and smart solutions for Nordic design. For more than 190 years, Gustavsberg has been manufacturing products made of porcelain and it is one of the leading brands in its field. Our selection includes toilet seats, basins, taps and spare parts for them.

We represent Villeroy & Boch’s product range together with Gustavsberg in Finland. The German brand has been manufactured since 1748. You can order from us the most comprehensive range of quality products on the market, which are suitable for both private houses and residential flats as well as for large apartment buildings.

Oras is the forerunner of taps- and shower manufacturing, and the market leader in touch-free and smart taps. Oras focuses on product development especially for user comfort, water and energy saving, safety and design. We are offering a wide range of taps.

Finnish Sanka Oy manufactures shower cabin furniture in Loviisa, Finland, which are installed also for demanding facilities – hotels and leisure facilities as well as luxury cruise ships. The world’s largest cruise ships, Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas, are equipped with stylish Sankan shower trays.

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Comprehensive quality in ventilation and roof products – a well-deserved sigh of admiration!

Every professional in the field knows that ventilation quality is not something to be compromised. And if this should happen, for some reason or other, it will generally result in bad news.

WaBeK only offers ventilation and roof products that are qualitywise reliable, and as easy as possible to install, resulting in a smooth and efficient job flow.

Our partner and the leading Finnish ventilation expert, Vallox Oy, puts it like this: Good ventilation is noticed for the fact that it cannot be noticed. The Vallox ventilation machines are functionally reliable, energy-efficient and designed and manufactured in Finland. In terms of heat recovery, their annual efficiency rate is unbeatable.

Among our partners is also DeeKax, another reliable Finnish expert Finnish company operating in the field of ventilation technology.

For ventilation valves, we rely on the quality of Lindab. This international company also operates in Finland providing products that are energy-efficient and easy to install.

Our feed-through elements and ventilation pipes are supplied by EH-Muovi Oy. The company’s quality and reliable deliveries have become well-established concepts.

The manufacture of ETS ventilation ducts and duct components complies with the EN standards and the M1 cleanliness classifications.

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Supplying hot, cool and clean air – the best quality in the field of air-to-air heat pumps!

At our geographic latitude, air-to-air heat pumps are a reliable and pleasant heat source – or a cooling source during the occasional summer heatwaves. Consequently, air-to-air heat pumps are increasingly installed in newly built detached houses. An additional benefit is the possibility of saving on heating costs. A high-quality unit also improves the quality of indoor air.

The LVI-WaBeK selection includes the top-quality Mitsubishi air-to-air heat pumps provided with an advanced, silent and extremely powerful DC double rotation compressor, highly optimised system control, an increasingly larger heat exchanger and enhanced internal unit air flow. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries operates in the European market and has been a trailblazer in the air conditioning industry for more than 80 years.

In our selection you can also find Bosch heat pump products which are known for their low energy consumption and very high quality components. Bosch is the biggest operator in this field in Europe.

Compared to Mitsubishi, the Alpic Air air-to-air heat pump is a more affordable choice, based on inverter technology for the energy-efficient heating and cooling of detached houses, offices and holiday homes.

Naturally, we can also supply you with all the required installation accessories and other additional items.

Please click on our web sales page to become acquainted with our offers – or consult your local sales representative for additional information!

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Pleasant warmth and clean indoor air for homes and work places

Pleasant warmth and clean indoor air are important for comfort in private dwellings and work places, and for people’s health. We supply you with functional high-quality solutions for them with our OnePipe products.

Floor heating that is easy to install

The floor heating and cooling system OnePipe fulfils all of the European standards. The products have a 10-year factory-provided guarantee. The easy-to-use system is safe, reliable and healthy – among other things, it reduces the amount of air-borne dust in the room. The installation is also easy and quick.

Energy efficient

Since OnePipe underfloor heating works with all different energy sources you can always choose the one that suits best for you – district heating, geothermal, air source heat pump, solar energy, oil, wood, pellet or wood chip heating.  The system’s properly measured pipe size ensures optimal flow in the pipelines – while ensuring the best energy efficiency. OnePipe underfloor heating is an excellent solution for today’s building heating system.

The benefits of OnePipe-underfloor heating

The starting point for the design of the system is to bring a simple and functional underfloor heating system to the market that is designed for the Finnish construction method. This has resulted in a realieble system that is easy to use and install and this is also what our customers have noticed.

Expert design with high-quality components manufactured in an ISO9001-certified production facility in Europe produces a system, that does not require much effort during or after installation.

Due to its reliability and longevity, our most popular thermostat models are mechanical, 230V thermostats. The thermostat has a cover frame that facilitates the installation of the instrument box.

The plug connection of the actuator and the possibility to open the actuator manually without removing it, helps with commissioning the system and also to saves costs. Venting can also be done without removing the actuator and installation is successful without extra force when the valve does not resist installation. For the property owner, plugging in means ease of maintenance. No professional qualification is required to replace the actuator.

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