We have the proper quality for tools, even if we say it ourselves!

Professionals require and deserve a worthy set of tools. Durable and functional high-quality tools make work easy and quick with the minimum time being spent on the job. Even here, you will find that the HVAC field’s best products come from us – have a look at the examples.

The Lidac keyhole saw blades bite on a variety of materials without a hitch, with excellent cutting properties and high resistance to wear and tear. The back section of the blade is made from spring steel and the blade from cobalt-alloyed HSS steel.

The Bahco brand’s parent company, SNA Europe, invests in product development, which is displayed by more than 400 patents which the company has received world-wide. When the hand tool’s quality, functionality and ergonomics are correct, work becomes easy, quick and safe.

The Novopress ACO is an efficient press-fit tool with a long-life battery. The tool’s light ergonomic design facilitates work even in the most difficult places. With the jaw attached, the unit’s point of gravity aligns with the handle making the tool safe and comfortable to use. The pressing process is automatic from start to end, but may be interrupted manually. This means that you can work safely, even in problematic situations.

A self-evident item in our product selection is Rothenberger, among others – the number one name for pipe work tools, for example, well-known for its high quality and product development.

We can also supply you with the battery operated high-quality Hitachi drills, percussion drills, circular saws, keyhole saws, hammer drills and demolition hammer drills, etc.

There is still much to introduce: the excellent and powerful Ropump Super Plus sewer block pump, refrigeration machines, etc. However, glancing at out web sales pages you will quickly receive a comprehensive picture of what we can offer!

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”The Novopress ACO press-fit tool provides an additional boost to work efficiency. The tool is light and ergonomic and its rechargeable battery ensures a long operating period. A real pleasure to use!”

Sales Director Timo Äijö, Wavin-Labko Oy

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