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The insulation material quality ensures operational safety and functionality

Our HVAC wholesale insulation material selection includes high-quality Kaimann cell rubber sheets and tubes as well as Rockwool insulation ducts, air conditioning mats and pipe section mats. Naturally, we can also supply you with insulation accessories and PVC coating materials.

Professionals know the importance of high-quality insulation – to minimise the energy loss and to ensure operational safety and functionality. The quality of insulation is also seen in the building’s operating costs.

Kaimann GmbH has been the trailblazer in cell rubbers for several decades. The company’s quality assurance extends from raw material control to final inspections. All of the company’s operations and activities are DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certified.

The extremely flexible solid cell rubber mats and tubes are manufactured from CE-approved synthetic rubber cell foam. The mats and tubes are self-extinguishing, non-fire conductive and non-combustible drop generating. The production is free from CFC, HFCKW, formaldehyde and cadmium. The mats have a thermal range of -200/+90˚C, and tubes -50/+110˚C.

The world’s largest rockwool producer, Rockwool, has introduced the Universal insulation ducts to the market. Thanks to their patented manufacturing technology, the ducts are flexible enough to be easily wrapped around curved pipes without cutting. Used for condensation control and sound insulation of heat pipes and potable water pipes. Fire class A2, fibre melt point over 1000°C.

Please click on our web sales to become acquainted with the Insuplast ventilation duct insulation materials, among others. The materials have also been authorised to use the Allergen-free Label of the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation.

juhani haikonen

”The Rockwool Universal insulation ducts are really practical – flexible enough to be wrapped around curved pipes without cutting. I recommend them for condensation control and sound insulation of heat pipes and potable water pipes!”

Sales Representative Juhani Haikonen, LVI-WaBeK Oy

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