Fixture accessories


High-quality fixture accessories – the famous icing on the cake!

You get a perfect final result by finishing your stylish and functional bathroom with high-quality fixture accessories, ensuring that it will remain unaltered for a long time.

  • You find the premium-level Ballofix products in our check valve selection. Ballofix is a member of the BROEN product family, an innovative market leader in the product group. Check valves are available and provided with plug-in, press-in, press-fit or threaded ends.
  • A uniform and extensive budget-class selection of products in a competitive price range. Our STF-approved valves are of a technically outstanding standard, aesthetically appealing, and tested for drinking water.
  • Our stench trap selection includes the leading Nordic brands, such as Purus, Unidrain, Prevex, etc.
  • Modern towels are often very thick and luxurious but also dry slowly. A dry, nice and warm, fresh towel is a pleasure to use. A drying rail adds comfort, brings additional warmth and quickly dries moisture from towels and outdoor clothes for subsequent use.
  • The Finnish-made high-quality Rej Design drying rails are applicable for installation in new buildings and renovation projects – in bathrooms, dressing rooms, utility rooms, halls and hobby rooms. A high-quality dryer of an ageless design is both practical and a stylish element for your interior decoration.
  • We also offer you high-quality dryers manufactured by the Sentakia Oy, provided with the required installation set, for bathrooms and the hall space. The company produces dryers that are based on water circulation or electrical operation.
arbor ibis

“Choosing a valve will have a decisive effect on your potable water system quality. I recommend you become acquainted with the BROEN product family.”

Sales Representative Arbnor Ibisi, LVI-WaBeK Oy.

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