Energy, heating and central vacuum cleaners


Pleasant warmth and clean indoor air for homes and work places

Pleasant warmth and clean indoor air are important for comfort in private dwellings and work places, and for people’s health. We supply you with functional high-quality solutions for them.

The Aurime Oy’s solar heating solutions can be exploited in industrial, commercial and agricultural building projects in all real estate unit types – new and existing alike. Solar heating is safe and easy to use, with a minimum maintenance requirement. The system can be integrated with existing facilities to complement all other main forms of heating.

The Jäspi solar systems primarily use solar energy for potable water heating purposes. Solar heat can be used to produce about 50% of the energy required. By connecting solar collectors to the heating system, solar energy can cover up to 25–35% of the heating requirement. In low energy and passive energy houses the share is even larger.

The floor heating and cooling system SYSTEM KAN-therm fulfils all of the European standards. The products have a 10-year factory-provided guarantee. The easy-to-use system is safe, reliable and healthy – among other things, it reduces the amount of air-borne dust in the room. The installation is also easy and quick.

Finnish-made Allaway central vacuum cleaners are a safe and durable choice for better indoor air. Conveying the extract air and the microscopic dust containing harmful particles out via the exhaust pipe reduces, for example, the amount of indoor-air-contained allergens causing respiratory tract symptoms.

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Toni Järvinen

“We have 30 years’ experience from the design and dimensioning of SYSTEM KAN-therm floor heating and cooling systems. We have received positive feedback from the contractors on the installability of the system pipework.”

Entrepreneur and company owner, Aurime Oy

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