SuperService offers clear business benefits to U-H Talotekniikka

“Full points to SuperService!”

UH-Talotekniikka Oy started its business relation with LVI-WaBeK at the FinnBuild Fair in 2014. Now the company makes full use of the WaBeK online store, Wa’Box and the Wa’Center 24/7 cash & carry outlet. Managing Director Indrek is too happy with SuperServices to be able to find any room for improvement even after giving some thought to the matter. “The best thing is the time savings that also show on the bottom line. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give it a 10!”


Clear business benefits

Indrek says that they didn’t really have to think about deploying SuperService for any length of time – the benefits were so obvious. They use the WaBeK online store on a daily basis because all the basic components of service – quality, price and reliability of deliveries – are there. “Calling wholesalers by phone is a bit awkward and prone to errors.” Moreover, certificates for the products used are filed in a specific folder created for the site from which they can be easily printed for inclusion in the hand-over folder. No time wasted looking for things!

The Wa’Center 24/7 cash & carry outlet has helped U-H Talotekniikka out of many difficult spots. “It’s not just once or twice that we’ve had to pick up materials late in the evening or during weekends. Using this service is just as easy as everything else with WaBek.”


There is a great attitude and spirit of enterprise in the company

Over the past few years, U-H Talotekniikka Oy has grown quickly. Things got moving in 2007 when Indrek started carrying out HVAC installation jobs in Finland on the ‘one man, one van’ principle. As his handiwork was of a high standard and reliable, the business grew quite naturally. In 2010, he founded MI Grupp that continued the business along the same lines. Finally, in 2015, a deal was closed with U-H Rakennus. At present, the company employs some twenty HVAC professionals and has a turnover of nearly EUR 4 million. Competition is stiff and winning contracts calls for extremely accurate estimation. Indrek Musto also commends the employees for their commitment. The great attitude and spirit of enterprise catch on throughout the company.