Suomen Teholämpö: “SuperService improves productivity”

“The level of service offered by WaBeK is absolutely top-notch.”

Esko Mansala, Managing Director of Suomen Teholämpö Oy, appreciates  LVI-WaBeK’s diversified high-quality service. “Of course price is important – no complaints there, either – but what matters is efficient service. People at WaBek make a real effort for you, instead of just being happy to take orders.” Esko, if anybody, knows what he is talking about, having made extensive use of SuperService. But let’s first take a look at the man’s colorful work history.


From military service to the present day

When Esko was discharged from the national service in 1995, the economy was still heavily depressed after the recession that hit Finland in the early 1990s. For example, YIT Construction had laid off over 1,000 workers. Even so, Esko was keen to enter the trade and ended up with a construction cleaning company for a while. Soon after that he set up an owner-manager business at the age of 21 without much previous experience as an entrepreneur – which was followed by another firm established together with a mate. “It was a busy time: loads of big jobs and a finger in every pie.” It was a valuable experience even though the business came to an end.”After the years working as an entrepreneur, Esko Mansala found a job as a salesman in the K-Rauta hardware chain. For about one year, he worked as an installation crew supervisor for K-Rauta through his own firm.

“In 2002 we acquired the present company, operating first under the name of Mansala Oy. It was renamed Suomen Teholämpö in 2009, and from 2010 onwards we focused entirely on HVAC installations. Now the company employs 5 people and its turnover will exceed one million euros any day now.


“SuperService – like a series of lottery jackpots”

Suomen Teholämpö established a business relationship with  LVI-WaBek Oy on the recommendation of another customer. “What I appreciate is that WaBeK makes real efforts to develop its services and create new ones to facilitate the business of HVAC firms and improve the productivity of work. I’m myself pretty keen to find new ways of working in this line of business and to achieve greater on-site productivity”.

Teholämpö make use of a wide range of SuperServices: user credentials to the 24/7 Wa’Center in Oulunkylä, online store, the Wa’Store on the road version and Wa’Box.

Esko Mansala talks about his experiences with a twinkle in his eye, but truthfully: “The cash & carry outlet in Oulunkylä is like a lottery jackpot for for me – close to home”. Actually there is no need to go home when you can hang around the outlet even into the wee hours. And not having to worry about opening hours. If you forget something, all you have to do is go back and get it. And since I’m not a morning person, I often pick up the materials I need the next day in the previous evening. What’s more, you avoid the rush hours in the morning.”

“The online store can also get you out of the trouble.  One evening I had already retried and was reading a book in bed. Just out of the blue it struck me that I’d forgotten to place one order with the wholesaler. Out of the bed, five minutes in the online store and it was clinched! “But the the best thing about the online store is that certificates are stored in a single location, and the site-specific listings,” Mansala says.