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Wieland: peak quality copper pipes for new construction and basic repairs

Wieland Werke Ag is one of the largest copper pipe manufacturers in Europe and among the leading copper experts in the global market. The company’s products are famous for their high and uniform quality. Among others, the applications include potable water, heating, cooling, pneumatic air, gas, oil, rainwater, sprinkler, solar and ground heat systems.

Copper pipes withstand extensive temperature variations, due to their excellent fire technical properties, and generate no toxic gases when heated. Their pressure resistance is also excellent – the Wieland Sanco pipes have a staggering rating of 104–27 bar, in accordance with their wall thickness and outer diameter.

Cold and Medical Copper Pipes are suitable for the conveyance of technical gases, cooling agents, medical gases and vacuum installations. These fulfil the statutory EN regulations. The plastic plugs installed in the pipe ends protect the inner surface from soiling during storage and transportation.

In addition, it is advisable to remember that copper and copper alloys are 100% recyclable.

Wieland promises to provide its WaBeK customers with excellent service, quick and flexible safe deliveries, in addition to high and uniform quality. Copper is also a material for the future.

joonas kauti

“Wieland is renowned for the high quality of its products. The customers always know what they get when it comes to pipes manufactured by Wieland.”

Key Customer Manager Joonas Kauti, Wieland Group


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Wieland Scandinavia Oy, backed-up by the international Wieland Group

  • The company has had a sales office in Turku, Finland, for more than 30 years, with 100% ownership by Wieland Werke Ag.
  • Wieland is a German family enterprise established in 1820.
  • Wieland operates sales offices and production plants all over the world.
  • Wieland is currently a leading edge company in the industry and famous for its numerous innovations.
  • Economic stability and family entrepreneurial orientation provide a strong basis for product development and investments.