When Wa’Cont came to an earthmoving site


When Wa’Cont came to an earthmoving site

Wa’Cont is the latest dimension to be included in our SuperService, to raise your company’s profitability and productivity in a variety of ways. No wonder then, that it was adopted, among others, by PT Pohjan Teko Oy, a successful expert and service company operating in the earthmoving business. We undertook a visit to follow the container’s journey to a construction site at Ikuri, Tampere.

“Reception committee” of experienced professionals in the field

SuperService makes ordering materials and supplies quick and easy anytime, anywhere – all you need is a smartphone. At the same time, your

Pohjan Teko supervisors Jukka Jääskeläinen and Teemu Lindberg came to meet Wa’Cont at Ruismäenkatu 12, the construction site reserved for the building of three terraced houses. The two easy-going, jovial men are competent and experienced professionals in the field. Jukka, for example, the supervisor responsible for the construction site, has more than 20 years’ experience in earthmoving projects – from the Olkiluoto nuclear power station to the Länsimetro underground railway line. According to both, there has been quite a lot of work to do and things have been piling up at times, especially this summer.


– PT Pohjan Teko is a good place to work. The company’s work atmosphere is excellent and people are given the opportunity to influence things. All staff members are competent and professionally skilled, which cannot be taken for granted in all cases. We have realised and fully understand the importance of employees to our company. The men say that the company operates on a low hierarchy and decisions are made together. This also happened with Wa’Cont, although the acquisition initiative came from the management. In addition to Wa’Cont, Pohjan Teko uses other services included in the SuperService palette.


The company has its head office in the town of Ii, and other offices throughout Finland, due to its nationwide business.


Well-managed material flows enable problem-free work performance

– We have now all the items neatly in one place, and excessive orders are eliminated. What generally happens on a construction site is that you have too much or too little material. This is a bad situation in both cases. But now the material flow is more manageable and there is no need to run looking for things, often in vain. This also speeds up and facilitates construction work and keeps it on schedule, the men believe.


It is really easy to use

Santeri Pohjola from LVI-WaBeK gives a brief and concise presentation on the container and its use. PT Pohja Teko professionals listen carefully and some dig out their mobile phones, most of which are already provided with NFC, ready for use.


Clients can access the container with their own PIN codes. Once this is done, you log in for shopping via the Login field – and that’s it. So shop away. To finish with shopping, log out, turn out the lights and close the container door.


Those present were enthusiastically testing the shopping function, and all you could see were happily surprised faces, with comments like “Gee, this is a piece of cake!”