Unique SuperService – Heating, plumbing and ventilation wholesaler in your pocket!

LVI-WaBeK Oy’s SuperService offers you real business benefits.

SuperService is a unique concept that will revolutionise the logistics and online sales in the HVAC sector. It will allow you to order supplies and materials easily up to 80 % faster.  At the same time, its reduces wastage and facilitates consumption rate and budget monitoring. When you are able to devote more of your time to actual work and less to ordering and picking up materials – not to say anything about sorting out order errors – it will be directly reflected in the financial performance of your company.

Free service, tangible benefits 

SuperService makes ordering materials and supplies quick and easy anytime, anywhere – all you need is a smartphone. At the same time, your cost-effectiveness will improve. For example with Wa’Box, a fitter will be able to spend 30 % more time on productive work when all the necessary components and materials are available whenever needed in the course of installation. Wa’store is storage located on the site, the company premises or even mobile on the road, where all the essential materials and supplies are efficiently organised and readily available. Both Wa’Box and Wa’Store will tell you when it is time to restock.

These are just a few examples. Read more about the SuperService concept on this site. What services and components would be best suited for developing your business? SuperService increases productivity, reduces logistics costs and improves efficiency in monitoring on-site performance. SuperService is available 24/7.

Kimmo Pelkonen, CEO