Water processing and pipe fittings


Now offering a great variety of high-quality products

We are offering an extensive selection of reliable high-quality products for water treatment and installation work. Here are a few examples, but please have a look at our web sales offer!

  • The genuine original Kuterlite connectors and Kuterlite press-fit connectors are the uncontested number one in the industry and are at their best in copper pipe and PEX pipe installations. They are manufactured by Pegler Yorkshire, one of the world’s leading companies in the field.
  • In terms of pressure vessels and other HVAC products, Flamco is the name for quality for HVAC professionals in more than 70 countries. And, naturally, for the HVAC WaBeK people as well!
  • The low efficiency rate of heating equipment is frequently due to the wrong setpoint values in heating and cooling systems. The NC Flow line control valve is an excellent choice for quick and accurate control without special expertise.
  • Honeywell products, components and systems are currently used in more than 100 million homes and five million buildings world-wide, to control temperature, economic energy consumption and safety. WaBeK provides a complete selection of Honeywell products, such as radiator valves, line control valves, pressure relief valves and filters, among others.
  • In our flat-type expansion vessels, the bleed screw and the pipe joint are installed in the same end of the product, which means that the vessel can be easily installed in a small space.
  • Naturally, we can also supply you with pressure tanks and pressure equipment combinations, various plastic pipe connectors, hose connectors, claw couplings and other installation accessories.
  • The high-quality Finnish Jäspi products from our comprehensive selection.
  • Circulation water pumps produced by HEL-WITA. The products are of the German-Swiss design quality.
  • The Apator water gauges are easy to read and easy to install, with an outstanding measurement accuracy and properties based on 93 years of experience. The EU directive that will enter into force in 2017 requires the adoption of user-specific gauges in the long term. The Apator selection includes the world’s most accurate Ultrasonic water gauge, among others.
mikko roininen

“The Kuterlite press-fit connectors and brass couplings are the absolute number one in the field.”

Purchase Manager Mikko Roininen, LVI-WaBeK Oy

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