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A high-quality selection of premium water pipes and heat pipes from the market leaders

As our mission is to be the best HVAC wholesaler in the field, we offer you the best quality in pipes and connectors – and that only – in compliance with the application in question. You are probably familiar with such product names as Wieland and Wavin, for example. Being a professional in the field, you know the importance of quality, in terms of the job flow and the final result alike.

Our selection includes copper pipes, composite pipes, zinc-plated steel pipes, PEX pipes and PE water pipes. Naturally, we can also supply you with the compatible press-fit, capillary and composite connectors, as well as any other required connector types. A few examples:

The Wieland Sanco copper pipe is compatible with all building pipework systems, including cold and hot potable water systems, gas systems, oil heating, solar heat installations and sprinkler systems.

The chrome-plated Onepipe copper pipe from Wieland is supremely applicable for surface-mounted installations in washrooms, renovation projects and other pipework installations.

The Wieland Cupromed copper pipe is an excellent choice for the conveyance of technical gases, coolants and medical gases, and for vacuum installations.

The Wavin Tigris K1 composite pipework system is a reliable long-life alternative for potable water and heating solutions. In addition, the pipework installation is easy and quick.

The PEX-C pipes offer benefits such as the ease of installation due to the pipes’ flexibility, light weight and resistance to wear and tear, for example. The pipes remain free from erosion and corrosion, even at the highest flow rates. The pipes are hygienic and approved for potable water.

wavin tigris
wavin tigris
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“Flexibility and efficiency are the two keywords that combine to provide the WaBeK SuperService today.”

Joonas Kauti, Wieland Scandinavia Oy

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