Sewers and the infrastructure


Durable and functional products for real estate sewer systems

Rain and storm water management and functionally efficient real estate sewer systems are very important in terms of the environment, health and the residents’ satisfaction – and their role will increase in the future.

In the challenging conditions of Finland, it is a good idea to invest in quality, even in this respect. LVI-WaBeK Oy offers you high-quality real estate sewer pipes and joints, noise-attenuated sewers, underground sewers, cast iron sewer pipes and joints, SV double sewers and covered drains.

Installing a Wavin-Labkon Wafix HT/PP real estate sewer system requires less space, compared to the conventional sewer systems. The unique seal guarantees a tightness of 100% for the seams. The Wafix PP pipes are durable, impact resistant and highly resistant to strong and aggressive liquids. This makes them suitable for the conveyance of waste waters, even in hospital and industrial installations. The system’s noise attenuation is unbeatable – Wafix is even more silent than many noise-attenuated sewers.

Wavin SiTech+ is a mineral-reinforced PP sewer system that reduces noise through the use of heavy joint components. The system is applicable for both small renovations and large-scale building projects. The use of grooved joints provides a good bond surface and facilitates installation even in difficult places. The markings are placed at 15° and 45° intervals thus facilitating alignment in the rotation direction. The joints’ in-feed end is provided with a special groove to indicate that the joint in question has been installed correctly into the coupling.

SiTech+ Wavin viemärijärjestelmä
SiTech+ Wavin viemärijärjestelmä
SiTech+ Wavin viemärijärjestelmä

“A Wafix PP installation requires less space than a conventional sewer, due to the fact that the sealing Fixlock® with three tightening points is so designed that the coupling remains extremely flat.”

Product Manager Teemu Sillvan, Wavin-Labko Oy

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