Brackets and supports


Now is the time to become acquainted with our peak quality brackets – it will be profitable!

The use of high-quality brackets for pipes is rather like a good marriage: it withstands everything, endures and keeps things in the right order and in the correct direction. Having said this with a little grin, we know that professionals are well aware of the many requirements involved in the issue.

We at LVI-WaBeK are familiar with and know personally the high-quality suppliers of these products. You can see our entire selection on our web sales pages. What we are introducing you to next is only one of the many exceptionally good sub-selections: The StarQuick® products.

The StarQuick® pipe brackets guarantee the reliable attachment of pipes and will save you a considerable amount of time. The work is easy and quick to do as the bracket is closed by pressing the pipe against the bracket’s inside. The brackets are applicable for all pipe types with a diameter of 10–65mm, including the potable water and heated water solutions and or electromechanical installations.

The StarQuick® products are manufactured from modified polyamide 6. This technical plastic has an excellent resistance to various temperatures and to a variety of chemicals, oils and oil products. This means that it is a perfect material for all applications, including corrosive environments, disintegrating substances, the chemical industry, swimming pools, etc.

Solutions are also available for the parallel attachment of two pipes or more. In addition, several StarQuick® brackets may be interconnected.

The system is complemented by an extensive selection of accessories. For example, the StarQuick® fitting for threaded rods is simply an ideal attachment solution.

LVI-WaBeK Oy also operates as an independent importer of conventional HVAC brackets. In our selection you will find pipe brackets, sewer pipe brackets, air duct clamps, rail systems and a large number of various types of nuts, bolts, concrete screws, wedge anchors, etc. All of our products covered by a harmonised product standard are provided with the CE-marking.

Kimmo Pelkonen LVI-WaBeK

“We at LVI-WaBeK are familiar with and know personally the high-quality suppliers of the various brackets. Please click on our web sales pages to become acquainted with our selection. Or talk to your local sales representative about the various alternatives – they will gladly tell you more.”

Managing Director Kimmo Pelkonen, LVI-WaBeK Oy