Frequently asked questions about SuperService

Not at all, it’s easy and straightforward. Open an account with us and tell us what SuperServices you want to use. We will give you user credentials to access the online store and the services you have selected. You will be able to use the services right away. To access Wa’Center at night, you will receive more detailed instructions from your designated sales agent.

The service is completely free. All you need is a smartphone.

No, you don’t. Most smartphones include the NFC feature (and you may borrow a phone in Wa’Center). When NFC is activated on your phone and you bring it close to an NFC tag, the phone responds to the tag automatically and performs the required function. The tag contains a web address that is accessed by the phone’s browser.

To access the account opening form, go to ‘Open account’ in the top menu bar. After you complete and submit the form, we will naturally check your credit standing. If everything is OK, the account is ready for use very quickly indeed.

For one thing, SuperService improves business efficiency in many ways. Fitters will be able to use up to 30 % more time for actual productive work. Wastage and logistics costs are reduced. You will be able to monitor on-site performance more efficiently. No risk of materials running out because you’ll have the HVAC wholesaler in your pocket at all times. You can place an order anywhere, anytime. Quick, easy and convenient!

Even if you don’t have a smartphone, you can still use our services.  At Wa’Center, you can borrow one of our phones that are available in the reception/info desk. Alternatively, you can place your order in the online store or call Sales at +358 20 1555 250.

You purchases will be entered on your account where you can view and also reactivate previous orders if you wish to do so.

The outlets are manned from 7.00 to 16.00. At other times, you can access the store any day of the week (24/7) and make purchases using your personal user credentials. When you register as a customer, you will be instructed by the designated sales agent in how to access the cash & carry outlet outside regular hours when the doors are locked.