A short presentation showing why SuperService is so quick and easy

SuperService uses NFC technology

SuperService is the world’s first full-service mobile ordering system based on near field communications (NFC) technology. It has been developed by Managing Director Kimmo Pelkonen in consultation with experts. The system has been thoroughly tested before roll-out. A patent (No. 20145438) has been granted for the unique SuperService for the Finnish market.


What is NFC?

To put it simply, NFC (Near Field Communication) is a two-way interactive technology used in devices such as smartphones. For example, it is used in contactless payment systems and travel cards.

When you bring you smartphone close to an NFC tag, the phone responds to the tag automatically and performs the required function. The tag contains a web address that is accessed by the phone’s browser.


Why NFC?

  • Your smartphone gives you quick and easy access to the online store.
  • Place your with just a few clicks
  • NFC is a secure, versatile and evolving technology
  • It opens up new opportunities for creating added value in the provision of services