A container load of additional profitability – Wa’Cont is now at your service


A container load of additional profitability – Wa’Cont is now at your service

Invite a 24/7 wholesale store to where it ought to be – on a construction site or in your warehouse yard! This means pure savings!

Wa’Cont is a HEVAC wholesale store that serves you 24/7, in your own yard and on the construction site. It has an easy operating principle that is identical to that of our 24/7 Wa’Center stores – the only difference being that it really stays on site at all times, wherever you need it. At the same time, you also confine to history those mechanics who stop their work in the middle of the day and dash out to a wholesale store or wander about the workplace looking for things. Everything is available on site, in good order, and construction work never comes to a stand-still due to a lack of material. Mechanics gain up to 30 percent additional time for productive work.

Supplementary deliveries come automatically as per the agreed schedule. You can shelve the articles yourself or order the shelving service from LVI-WaBeK at an affordable price.

Suitable for HEVAC companies of all types and sizes

Wa’Cont is suitable for HEVAC companies of all types, regardless of their size, whether operating in the contracting, maintenance or installation business – or in all of them. A container has the space for a comprehensive selection of (300–400) products and the content is modifiable in accordance with the construction site in question. The consignment stock solution offers 12 different content modules which are all machined with professional skill and expertise.  Just select the modules you want. Tailored combinations are also possible.


Time is money – and Wa’Cont saves you both

Thanks to Wa’Cont, you always have the required products on the construction site, and unnecessary wholesale store visits are eliminated. The logistics’ costs are reduced by up to 40 percent. We also promise that our purchase pricing is appropriate. As the articles’ consumption is easy to monitor, the amount of waste is minimised.

An additional benefit is gained from the fact that the solution requires no initial capital!


Let’s calculate an example case:

Mechanics visit the HEVAC wholesale store every second day, that is 10 times per month.

Each visit consumes a total work time of 4 hours for two workers.


10 visits * 4 hours/visit * €30/hour = €1200/month

The lowest acquisition price for Wa’Cont is €80/month!

12.5 percent consists of non-productive work, which you cannot invoice.


This is a unique solution

Wa’Cont is the only web-based container store for construction sites on the market. Place your order now – we recommend an easy and flexible consignment stock solution. Wa’Cont has a delivery time of 1 week and a minimum lease period of 9 months. You also have the option to purchase Wa’Cont as a My Warehouse version.


Please contact us, we will gladly tell you more!